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Using the Record button to animate with the mouse


You can use the Record button to toggle Record Mode.

When Record Mode is on, new frames will be added automatically while you hold down the mouse button, so the motion of your cursor will be recorded.

Doodle Studio 95! lets you draw over an animation while it’s playing to add squiggles to it, but if Record Mode is on the timeline will be extended until you stop drawing, instead of looping.

This is really useful for making simple effects that you can turn into particle systems, or to create a fluid movement to use as a base.

How To

Click the Record button to enable Recording mode. The frame around your animation will be Red to mark that Recording Mode is on.

Start drawing on the drawing area and, while holding the mouse button, make a little squiggle. New frames will be added automatically.

The squiggle you drew will be part of the animation!

Using the squiggle as reference

It’s really useful to use the motion of a squiggle as the basis for a more detailed animation. The movement you record with your mouse will most likely be very fluid. If on top of that you add your own details, you’ll have a fluid animation without a lot of effort.

For example, you can add a fly or a fish in every frame:

To do this:

  1. Follow the previous steps and record a squiggle
  2. For every frame, add a character at the start of the stroke, or replace the stroke altogether

Making a squiggle and then drawing over it

A good idea is to make the first animation with a recorded squiggle and then keep drawing over the animation as it loops.

For example, to create confetti or fireworks:

For more on drawing over existing animations, see the Drawing while you play tutorial.