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Import an animation from another software

You can create or edit animations in a different software and import them into Doodle Studio as sprite sheets.

If the texture is imported as a series of Sprites where each sprite is a different frame, you can convert it to a Doodle Animation File.

(skip to step 7 if you already have imported each frame as a Sprite)

Convert a texture into a series of Sprites

  1. Click the texture in the Project window and set the import settings as follows:
    • Texture Type to “Sprite (2D and UI)”
    • Sprite Mode to “Multiple”
  2. Open the Sprite Editor
  3. Click on Slice, at the top left corner of the sprite editor
  4. Set Type to Grid By Cell Count, and set the Column and Row fields to how many frames per column and per row your sprite sheet has
  5. Click Slice
  6. Close the Sprite Editor and hit Apply Now your texture should have one sprite per frame, we can convert it to a doodle animation file:

Convert to a Doodle Animation File

Right click your texture it in the Project window and select Doodle Studio 95 > Convert to Animation File.

Now your animation can be edited and used with Doodle Studio!