Fernando Ramallo



a creative coder, designer and visual artist making playful interactive art and videogames

I’m Fernando Ramallo

I’m a creative coder, designer and visual artist
creating playful interactive art

Technical Artist with Tilt Brush at Google

I’ve been working with Google on Tilt Brush, a VR app to draw intuitively in 3D space. I made lots of prototypes and was in charge of creating an open source toolset to import users' sketches into the Unity game engine.

The tools I made let creators easily use their art in new ways, with examples on how to make animations, interactive stories, music-driven sequences and games.

Doodle Studio Pro 95! A fun tool for hand-drawn animations ​(2017)

I’m working on a hand-drawn animation tool inside of Unity about making work fun, engaging and easy, removing technical barriers and achieving flow when creating games. Inspired by WarioWare DIY and flickgame.org.

Residency at Champlain College (2017)

I did a week-long freeform residency at the Champlain College in Burlington, VT, where I set up an immersive bouncy-castle solo show with 8 projections and 3 interactive pieces featuring fluffy controllers.

I also made a VR experiment about negative-sculpting: carving walls like clay. It explores how it feels and what it means to sculpt the space surrounding you and stepping to the other side to reveal the opposite space.

PANORAMICAL (2012-2015)

My biggest project is a collection of interactive landscapes with analog controls, for PC and Mac. I collaborated with multiple artists and even had custom controllers built for it.

I’m a queer artist, designer, maker and game developer.

Always tinkering with abstract graphics, generative visuals and strange interactive installations, I’m interested in creating novel, intuitive interfaces, easy tools and audiovisual experiences.

I grew up in Argentina, lived in Buenos Aires, Mexico, Berlin and Portland, OR while working on independent projects and currently live with my partner Kevin in New York City.